Let’s go to the mountains, it’s too hot here!!

View from Coon Creek Group Campground
Post by Jim

It was sweltering hot in the San Gabriel Valley, 100 plus degrees. Even the beaches were hot! Low 80’s in the mountains was very appealing, so off we went to the Barton Flats campground, in the San Bernardino National Forest, for four nights. Even though July is peak vacation season, we were able to book our favorite campsite, number 38, because this trip was during the work week instead of the weekend. While there, we were able to  visit a few new places.

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A New Beginning!


To Infinity and Beyond!” Oh…sorry, wrong movie. “Take her to warp 5!
Post by Jim

Up to the point of this post, our entries have been an attempt to come up to speed with what we have done the last few years. It’s a new blog so we had to catch up. We referenced old reservations, photographs and our sometimes faulty memories. Now that we are current, meaning there’s no more older Airstream camping to talk about, all posts from this point forward will be presented as soon after they happened as possible. The blisters on our fingers from all the typing will heal in time I’m sure.

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