Who The Heck Are We Anyway?

Crew members


We live in Southern California and love traveling in our Airstream. We have a 2014 28′ Airstream Flying Cloud and pull it with a 2013 Ram 2500 6.7 liter diesel. That may be a bit of overkill, but the diesel brake is real nice to have when traveling down a mountain.

Here is the human part of the family:



Graduated from International Polytechnic High School in Pomona, California. Has done volunteer work for Cabrillo Marine Aquarium, Monrovia Canyon Park and currently does volunteer work for Red Bucket Equine Rescue. Hobbies include cooking, music, drawing and photography. Enjoys traveling and camping in the Airstream.




Retired from an Information Technology career in June 2016. Does volunteer work for Red Bucket Equine Rescue. She also enjoys cooking, nature, hiking, music, art and travel in the Airstream.



Recently retired from Information Technology. Hobbies include eating, amateur astronomy, music, painting and photography. Would like to visit every National Park, National Monument and National Preserve in the Airstream.

Here is the almost human part of the family:

Vlad (the impaler) is on the left. He’s a 98lb. male German Shepherd that whines like a girly-man when Alexandra comes home from anywhere. Lena (the princess) is a 60lb. female shepherd-collie mix that looks so sweet, but has serious issues with people she does not know. Both are rescue dogs that came with a little baggage. They both love the Airstream and get really, really excited when we start packing for a trip.

Purpose of the blog

On our blog we will talk about traveling in our Airstream, campgrounds, problems and solutions, items we purchased and any tips we have discovered that may be of interest to you.

Occasionally, we will also touch upon other activities we enjoy like astronomy, photography, music, art, volunteer work or any other random thing we want to pass on.

Oh yes, we named our blog ‘Dents and Filiform’ for two reasons:

  • If you own an Airstream long enough, you will get dents on it
  • If you own an Airstream long enough, you will get filiform on it

* Note: Filiform is corrosion that occurs under organic based coating on aluminum, like on most newer model Airstreams. It has a thread-like filament appearance that, as I understand it, doesn’t cause any structural damage, it just doesn’t look so good. There are ways to control it, but this isn’t the place to discuss that.

Please feel free to comment, good or bad, to help us improve content. Also, we will try to answer questions if we can. Keep in mind that we don’t read the blog on a daily basis, so responses could take a little time.

2 thoughts on “Who The Heck Are We Anyway?”

  1. We met you at El Chorro this last week, you helped us with loading our motorcycle. I remembered you had asked about the underground gardens, they are located in Fresno, CA. It was nice meeting you and having you as camping neighbors.. Sandy and George Boston


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