Here are some pictures of our dogs if anyone is interested. They love traveling with us and have a talent for being in the wrong place at the right time inside of the trailer.

Both have claimed their own areas. Lena claimed the bed in the back of the trailer. Vlad claimed the couch in the front of the trailer. They like to lay down on their claimed turf and stare at each other from each end of the trailer.

R.I.P. Little Buddy


This is Bear. He was our first family dog. He was a rescue dog that was thought to have been a trainer dog for dog fighting. His right ear was really messed up and he had a real, real bad attitude towards bigger dogs. He didn’t care how big they were, he wanted a piece of them.

You could do anything to Bear. If you were human you were okay by him. He had no loyalty however, and would run off any chance he got and never look back.

He is missed.


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