We Were Alumafandango’d … And We Liked It !!

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Post by Jim

In September, we attended our first all-Airstream event, Alumafandango, in Jackson, California, at the Jackson Rancheria Casino Resort. It was a 5-day event put on by the AirstreamLife.com folks and it was a blast! We attended several informative workshops, made new friends, explored California’s gold country, feasted on a very tasty catered BBQ dinner and enjoyed some great entertainment.

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Back to the Gem of Crystal Cove



Post by Alexandra

It was pretty warm inland so we were looking forward to camping at Crystal Cove State Park to cool down.  This is one of our favorite beach area campgrounds because 1) all campsites have a view of the ocean  2) it is about 1 1/2 hours from home. Nice to be back and hear sounds of the crashing waves! We stayed for 3 nights, which gave us two full days to do things around the area.

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With My Own Bare Hands (WEEN fans will know what I mean) …

Post by Jim

I built a bike rack in the back of our truck.

My wife and I wanted to take our bikes with us when camping, but we had no good way to carry them. It’s a little crude looking but it works and it didn’t cost that much, if you don’t count the time it took me to build it.


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