Baby’s Got New Shoes!


Post by Jim

We upgraded our wheels and tires! Our Airstream came with 15″ aluminum wheels and Goodyear Marathon tires. A lot of folks love Marathon’s and get very good service from them. If we didn’t read so many Airstream blogs and forums, we probably wouldn’t have made the change, but we do read blogs and forums and that made us somewhat uncomfortable with the Marathon’s. So, here’s a picture of our new 16″ aluminum wheels wearing Michelin LTX M/S2 tires!

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With My Own Bare Hands (WEEN fans will know what I mean) …

Post by Jim

I built a bike rack in the back of our truck.

My wife and I wanted to take our bikes with us when camping, but we had no good way to carry them. It’s a little crude looking but it works and it didn’t cost that much, if you don’t count the time it took me to build it.


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We’ve Got The Power!



Post by Jim

We finally broke down and purchased generators for our Airstream. Even though we have a solar panel on the roof that usually keeps our batteries topped off, we sometimes need a little more power for some situations when boondocking/dry camping. We don’t like the sound of generators in campgrounds, but there are times when generator power is necessary, like it or not.

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How To Trash One Side of Your Airstream

Broken Window and Awning

It’s really quite easy. I’ve done it. Put your awning out in the rain and don’t have one end of it a lot lower than the other end. When the awning fills up with water, the awning supports will snap and the pieces attached to the spring mechanism will spin around and thrash the aluminum on the side of your trailer. It sounds like your tailer has been hit by lightning and it shakes the heck out everything. Quite exhilarating, expensive and is best experienced on the second day of your vacation. I know.

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It All Starts Here…


Post by Jim

Prior to 2013, when we went camping, we stayed in a tent. That was just fine until we started noticing just how hard the ground had become compared to a few years earlier and how much more difficult it was getting into and out of sleeping bags. That’s when I suggested to my wife …

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