With My Own Bare Hands (WEEN fans will know what I mean) …

Post by Jim

I built a bike rack in the back of our truck.

My wife and I wanted to take our bikes with us when camping, but we had no good way to carry them. It’s a little crude looking but it works and it didn’t cost that much, if you don’t count the time it took me to build it.


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San Mateo 2016


Post By Felicia

On the 20th of August we returned to camp at San Mateo. This campground is one of my personal favorites for a couple reasons. During the spring the campground is surrounded by beautiful yellow flowers. But what I enjoy the most is that our campspot is right across from the  Camp Pendleton Marine Base. This means that we get to watch some of their training, see some cool vehicles and even get a glimpse of the aircraft during their practice sessions.

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Let’s go to the mountains, it’s too hot here!!

View from Coon Creek Group Campground
Post by Jim

It was sweltering hot in the San Gabriel Valley, 100 plus degrees. Even the beaches were hot! Low 80’s in the mountains was very appealing, so off we went to the Barton Flats campground, in the San Bernardino National Forest, for four nights. Even though July is peak vacation season, we were able to book our favorite campsite, number 38, because this trip was during the work week instead of the weekend. While there, we were able to  visit a few new places.

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What’s For Dinner Tonight?

Eat Locals
We discovered mountain folk have a different taste in food than us!
Post by Jim

One of our favorite places to camp locally is around Big Bear. Big Bear is a mountain location in the San Bernadino National Forest above the city of San Bernadino, California. The three campgrounds we like the best are Barton Flats, San Gorgonio and Serrano. All three campgrounds are run by the National Park Service and all three are great!!

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I Hope It Doesn’t Eat Aluminum!!


Post by Jim

Anza Borrego is a California State Park located in the desert about 85 miles northeast of San Diego, California. This was our second ever outing destination in our new Airstream in April 2014, and we have returned several times since. We usually stay at the Borrego Palm Canyon Campground, but it’s dangerous as you can see!!

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