Wish For A Sort Of Normal Life Temporarily Granted


Post by Alexandra

We, like so many others, had been following stay-at-home orders, walking the dogs, going to the store as little as possible and hadn’t been camping since Joshua Tree in early March.  So when our friends, Phil and Carol, invited us to go camping at Camp Pendleton, we were very grateful to have the opportunity to be able to see them, socialize and get away … a different way of life, so to speak, to be kind of “normal”.

The weather there was perfect, 70’s during the day and 60’s at night. Jim, Felicia and I relished the opportunity to relax, not have to be anywhere and enjoy the soothing sounds of the waves, salty beach air and relaxing. We didn’t go anywhere, just hung around our trailer.  Jim read, took pictures and practiced his ukelele while Felicia and I read and played cards and games. It was a special time to enjoy each other’s company, dogs included!

A couple of nights we met up with fellow Airstreamers Phil, Carol, Rudy and Linda for outdoor social hour to catch up and enjoy a bit of camp fire time.


One evening Jim, Felicia and I took a long walk on the beach at sunset … we hadn’t done anything like that in many years, not since Felicia was a little kid. Watching the sunset together, sitting on the sand to listen to the waves roll back and forth over the rocks was soothing, especially when enjoyed together.

I felt very happy to have those moments, during this pandemic and it was nice to socialize with friends, to feel like a normal human being for a brief period of time. Our wish for a normal life was temporarily granted.  Looking forward to our next camping trip, whenever that is.

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